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World War III (often abbreviated to WWIII or WW3), also known as the Third World War or the ACMF/NATO War, was a global war that lasted from October 28, 2026, to November 2, 2032. A majority of nations, including most of the world's great powers, fought on two sides consisting of military alliances. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, along with the recently reformed Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, was pitted against the Asian Continental Military Force

War emerged of which would nearly instantly turn into chaos with more than two billion people being thrown into the conflict and with countless suffering along with unusual acts of cruelty. The amount of how many people died is unknown due to the nuclear holocaust that was the outcome of the war. 


The general beginning of the war starts on the 28th of October though fighting had started as early as December 23rd between Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Turkey and Russia had started their invasions several days earlier before the declarations of war between NATO, and its allies against ACMF, and its allies.

The Brunt of the fighting between the two fighting forces took place in Europe and Asia in combined arms warfare. The war itself spread into Africa and the Middle East with the ACMFs advances having been ground to a halt and the war being a general stalemate.

The Second Korean War went on by with the first use of Nuclear Weapons in the war itself. The ACMF and NATO also prepared invasions of each other with Venezuela having granted the ACMF access. Right before the Nuclear Weapons were sent off, NATO and ACMF had started their invasions with ACMF landing craft appearing in Florida and Georgia and US invasion force heading for China.


Before the beginning of Pre-war major events that would lead up to the War itself, major friction was already starting to boil before the events even occurred. It was mostly ever building tension ever since the end of the Cold War and the rise of new powers like China.

Situations like the Arab Spring put an already bad situation worse with the Syrian and Iraqi Civil Wars both being proxy wars between the U.S., Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. With the Wars gradually ending it was obvious something was going to occur to spark that competition again especially with the growing desperation of power between the West and East.

Pre-war events

Chinese Imperialism

China, having been a nation to challenge the United States in its influence grew ever bolder as it began pressuring its claims to the South China Sea, and later on in 2022 completely claimed it and restricted foreign usage of the sea as it grew increasingly Nationalistic in its steps. The action angered a lot of Southeast Asia with the nations having previously laid claims to part of the sea then willingly formed SEATO with the United States in early 2023, on April the 13th.

In 2024, Xi Jinping declared himself Emperor of the New Chinese Empire of which was another cause of the Chinese Nationalistic moves it was making in Asia. The Chinese grew ever more thirsty of its Ancient claims that in 2024 up until 2025 it assisted Pakistan in its war against India which ended in a major victory for them as India was overrun and forced into Peace. And right before the start of the war in late 2025, the Chinese moved into Mongolia as another move into claiming territory, the country was quickly overrun and put under Chinese ownership.

Indo-Pakistani War (2024-2025)

On the 22nd of September, a series of terrorist attacks occur in India with the numbers of casualties making it the worst attack in India's history. Only a couple days later, on the 30th it was found out that the Pakistanis had the deal in that attack and fighting broke out soon after starting the conflict between the two nations which lead into a stalemate.

On October 23rd, later in the year, the Chinese intervened on the behalf of the Pakistanis and on their own interests in taking disputed territory they had from India which caused a near-instant route of the Indian Army as it began being overrun. In early 2025 the Indians finally subdued, and on the 14th of January they signed peace and hand over large sums of territory to Pakistan and China.

Middle East Destabilization

Ever since the beginning of the 2020s the Turkish had grown increasingly wanting to end the Kurds along with their attempt of independence, but Turkey wasn't the only one stepping in for power. Iran put interest in Iraq even in the early 2020s as they had Iranian-funded Militias take up much of the positions within the Iraqi Military on the 22nd of June in 2022. Also on May the 30th a year before the Iranians take over the Iraqi Military, the Turkish bombed many Kurdish towns in Syria under the reason that they were holding Terrorist Strongholds.

Later in 2023, the Turkish operations expanded on March 5th when Turkish Forces clashed with Kurdish Forces, mostly in special forces operations with dismay coming from the International Community but the action was also backed by the Russians. With the ever-growing ideas of Turkey and NATO growing far apart, in 2024 on July the 13th Turkey official withdrew from NATO, and later in the year, Syria would officially align itself with ACMF on the 2nd of December as it also allowed ACMF troops to be stationed inside the country. Not just that, but the Turkish also pushed their own goal to finish a historical grudge of which was Armenia so on 2025 they launched an invasion on October the 14th, on the reason that the Armenian Government was a corrupt mess and had border disputes and swept the country easily as they took it over.

It was obvious the flames of war were going to spark somehow in the Middle East especially with the relations of Saudi Arabia and Iran sorrowing as they both competed for influence in the region. ACMF's overall strength was also growing in the region which threatened the Saudis, especially when on the 17th of October that the Turkish finally joined the ACMF. Later in the year when an Iranian Offical was in Saudi Arabia for traveling, he was killed on November 24th which did not help the relations between Iran and the Saudi, and a reaction to this on December the 23rd happened with Iranian ships assaulting Saudi vessels in the Persian Gulf.

Russian Aggression

Russian aggression wasn't new but their boldness grew especially when the West grew increasingly ignorant to the expansion being done by Eastern Powers. The Russians began funding Eastern European Separatists to do their bidding and weaken neighboring countries with the first of such activities in the 2020s being on August the 30th, of 2022 when Crimean Separatists attacked parts of southern Ukraine. Another attack was also carried out in the following year on September the 10th when Separatists claimed attacks on Eastern European cities with the three notable countries being Belarus, Latvia, and Estonia.

The Russians took it up a step with the next goal was to take over Georgia, something they were unable to do in 2008. So in 2024, on July the 24th Russian troops entered into Georgia with the intention of taking over it, and that went not as easy as they took with the invasion taking over a month for such a small nation. The Belarussian Government also finally submitted to the Russians as they aligned themselves with ACMF and allowed troops to enter their territory on March the 3rd of 2025.

Formation of the ACMF, and its rise


The course of the War